Not sure is setting up correctly

The message, when you go to “add a site” says that they will be checking out the DNS records and to change the Name server info. I only want to setup a CDN. Why does it need to do that?

Change the name servers. Now! :wink:

Cloudflare is a proxy with much more services than just CDN services.
To protect your server(s) and to make use of features like caching, DDoS protection and so on it is neccessary that the domain is cotrolled through the Cloudflare DNS.

The main reason is that Cloudflare was and still is concerned about freedom of speech, privacy (hiding IPs for exmaple) and security.

Let me quote the Cloudflare CEO after they shut down a right-wing site a while ago (analogous):
“No one should have the power to restrain free expression.”


The business model is a bit different to some other CDNs from my point of view.

Give it a try. You can deactivate almost any services you don’t need. But i am pretty sure you will be impressed.

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