Not Sure If Im Getting DDOS

Hello, I’m not sure if I am getting DDOS. The site is up mostly but lately I have been getting very short bursts of downtime with the cloudflaire page coming up saying the frankfurt sever is up and my server is down (or something close to that).

This is not a clear case and the stats indicate normal - where is the best place to check this?

Do you remind the error code?
Should be something like" Cloudflare Error: 5xx".

says: This page ( is currently offline. However, because the site uses Cloudflare’s Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version. Always Online™ is powered by Cloudflare | Hide this Alert

Just got this now

All fine here at the moment.

The message usually comes along with an error page like this one. (error code may be different()

Or do you have customized pages?

Yes - the server support says: we checked the usage of your account and the only thing that caught my attention is a bot named “Qwantify” that seems to access more frequently than other bots, you can see the amount of access for today:

AND to install the servers cron job via CPANEL instead of the WP. Honestly, in terms of SEO I am not quite sure what is needed. I cant lose rank

Well Qwantify is the crawler from, a french search engine which respects privacy of the users. (they say).

If you like to block it anyway, there is a list of known IPs.

What kind of cron?

I saw someone use a CF captacha page. Is it possible to do it on a specific page or must it be implemented site-wide?

You can add a Page Rule that matches that URL. Then set Security Level to “I’m Under Attack.” I do this for my login URL.

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