Not sure how to upgrade from Free Zero Trust plan to Standard

Hey everyone,

We currently have the free Zero Trust plan that our tech setup, but we’ve quickly maxed out the 50 user limit, so we need to upgrade to the standard plan. I tried talking to someone with Cloudflare and they said that the $7/user on the standard plan is above and beyond the 50 you get for free, which I took as if we have something like 60 total users, I only need 10 from the standard plan.

So I went through upgrade process on our account and put in 10 users, but on the dashboard it’s still showing 51 of 50 users, as if the 10 wasn’t added. Did I completely misunderstand what the Cloudflare person was saying?

This is a screenshot that maybe explains better.

If you enter the total of users as 60, the 50 free should show as included. Let us know if it does not.

The core issue is – it seems – you can’t have users on different plans.

The FREE plan is capped at 50 users: there’s no way to additional users (free or paid).

And going from FREE to STANDARD is a PLAN UPGRADE (providing additional features), and not just the addition of new users.

And you since you it seems can’t have users on different plans – ie 50 users on the free plan and 10 users on the standard plan – I don’t see how you’d set up what this “someone” at CF told you.

So, unless there’s a way to add additional users without upgrading the plan, OR have users on different plans, then all the 60 would be paid for when you UPGRADE to a Standard plan.

The alternative reality is that when you enter 10 users for the Standard plan, Cloudflare will automatically serve all extra “unlicensed” users above this 10 limit on the Free plan. That would mean you can mix and match plans after all, and the UI should make this more explicit, especially during the plan upgrade process.

So when I put 60 user into the standard plan it just charges for all 60, as opposed to 50 free plus 10 on standard.

So from what I can tell, when you move off the free plan you lose the 50 users and are forced to pay for them on the standard.

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I upgraded our free Zero Trust plan to the standard version to accomodate more users, but found out that the a la carte $3/user version was the better option for our case. So I’d like to downgrade our plan from standard back to free, but when I try to do that it won’t let me proceed. I can get all the way to the review tab, but it won’t let me purchase it for some reason.

Is there something I’m doing wrong, or some other reason that I can’t downgrade the plan?


I just verified with the billing team, sorry for the confusion @estretch. I know the team is looking in to this as it is a bit confusing. Once you change the plan away from the 50 free and add more seats, all seats are billable. The best approach to avoid the charge is to audit your seat use to see if you can maintain it at or below 50 seats.

Ok, that makes sense, appreciate you verifying for me. The other issue I’m having now is I can’t seem to downgrade my plan from the Standard back to the free so that I can use the a la carte option instead. Could it be because we’re sitting at a surplus of 69 of 50 seats currently?

I suspect it’s in a delayed downgrade state and will revert at the end of the billing period.

Can you create a billing ticket and share your ticket number here @estretch?

You can open a Billing ticket here,

@estretch if you go to and on the teams standard subscription select
Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 11.00.36 AM

cancel downgrade and let us know on your ticket. Once you have done that the team will assist you on the ticket.

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I’ve opened the ticket now, the number is 3156045.

Sorry, I saw this message after opening the ticket, but I can try your suggestion now.


Thank you, once you’ve selected cancel downgrade the team can assist. Sorry for the issues.

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Sounds great, I’ve cancelled the downgrade now.


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