Not Supported TLD + Enterprise Cloudways Addon

Dear forum,

we would love to point several domains to Cloudflare to enjoy the Premium DNS Service. After that, we want to point the domain from Cloudflare DNS to our Cloudways server and activate the Cloudways Cloudflare Enterprise Addon.

We have several general questions about Cloudflare and hope somebody can help us!

1.) Is it possible to manage the DNS records at Cloudflare (NS records pointed to Cloudflare), even when the Cloudflare Domain Registrar .tld (.de) is not supported by Cloudflare? We have alot of “.de” domains (german).

2.) When we shift domains to Cloudflare, Cloudflare ask us several questions (Brotli activation//https rewrites). We plan to use the Cloudways Cloudflare Enterprise Addon and need to know if we need to turn off anything because the Cloudways Addon has it already? We think here is a potential for issues or conflicts - isnt it?

3.) Our way to go would be: Point .de domain (ns Server) to Cloudflare, deactivate any features like brotli etc., Point then the domain to Cloudways, activate cloudways Cloudflare enterprise addon. Is that the way to go?

4.) Are there any performance boosts we get, when we manage a domains DNS zone at Cloudflare with a payed plan?

Thank you so much!

Hello there,

May I strongly suggest you to look at the [Cloudways docs.]
(How to Integrate Cloudflare with your Application | Cloudways Help Center)

You can also look for queries from Cloudways since you plan to use Cloudflare through Cloudways:

Please check the above guide. You’ll have a sufficient clarity step by step.

You can add .de domains to Cloudflare to manage the host here. Cloudflare accepts.

If you plan to Cloudways, the addon contains the options if not, you’ll have to manage them here that wouldn’t conflict otherwise. Recommended to check and set options from Cloudways.

That would be correct if you do not want to make use of Cloudways here.

I suggest you to learn more about those features first before disabling them.

Once again, read the cloudways doc.

You can check the enterprise plan benefits:

Thank you for your answer. We really appreciate your help but the answers are more general tips and does not fit to our questions.

We need somebody from Cloudflare, to explain to us if we need to disable free plan included features like Brotli, when we opt-in to the Cloudflare Enterprise Addon from Cloudways. These infos are not given in any FaQ you provided. Cloudways suggested us to ask Cloudflare.

Would be cool when you read what we try to do. Can we provide you more info? Was something unclear or bad explaned by us?

You can only use one Cloudflare setup at a time (unless you’re a Cloudflare Enterprise customer using O2O).

With the Cloudways setup, you’re using Cloudflare only for standard DNS. Cloudways controls all the Cloudflare features.


this is exactlxy what we wanted to know. To do so (Cloudflare only as DNS Zone manager) we sign-in to the free plan, deactivate anything (Brotli …) and then opt-in to the Cloudways plan. Thank you :slight_smile:

Or what do you mean with “standard DNS”?

Thanks alot! Happy to have you!


Your Cloudflare DNS will work as if you had your domain’s DNS with any other service. :orange: proxying your hostname will not make any difference with regard to your account’s features. All your requests will go through Cloudways’ account.

As already stated:

^^^ This will make no difference. Whatever Cloudways wants your settings to be is what they will be.

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