Not seeing one of my domains

I just took over management of an account, and they are supposed to have 3 domain names being managed by Cloudflare, but I only see 2. I’m wondering if it is under a different Cloudflare account. How do i contact support to figure this out?

I doubt support will be able to give you any details of a second account without proof of ownership of the account.

Are you able to share a domain that is in the account and also the domain that is not, so we can take a look?

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Hi @user1872, I can confirm your account has the two zones you mentioned, there is not a third zone listed nor shown as deleted. This means if the zone is on Cloudflare, it was added under a different account. The suggestion from @domjh is spot-on, can you share the name of the domain that is missing? Once you have that, you can see if it has the same name servers as your other zones by entering this dig from a command line:

$ dig ns +short

That information alone won’t tell you a whole lot, but it gives you a starting point to find the missing zone and it will (somewhat) indicate if the zone is on Cloudflare or not.

Edit - To reach Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If we’re unable to resolve this here and you open a ticket, please share the number and I’ll keep an eye on it.


The domain I’m looking for is It does show two A records on Cloudflare nameservers (used mxtoolbox’s dns checker). I’ll open a ticket, looks like the ticketing site doesnt play well with firefox…

Do the Cloudflare nameservers of that domain (max and connie) match those in the account that you do have access to?

I don’t think that support will be able to give you any details of the account if you don’t have access to it.

You may end up having to add the domain to your current account, checking all the settings and DNS records and pointing that domain to the same account as the others by changing the nameservers.

Ticket number 1690628

Thank you for sharing that. Wow, lots of (confusing) Cloudflare history going on with that zone,

If your email is not on the account, support will send you a reply indicating they cannot work with you along with instructions on next steps. In this case, I’d first add the zone to the account you control, you’ll probably be assigned the same two name servers as for the other zones, then ask your domain registrar to update your name servers to correspond to those used by the other two domains. Any other route will lead to a big time spend on your part and proly not be successful.

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