Not seeing my site with wordpress

Hello, Please help me with this: somewhere around February, 12th, few days ago, I received from Google Search Console for my site mariusmanta the advice to fix some problems regarding 3 compartiments (1. A page that is redirecting 2. A double / copy without a canonic page chosen by the author 3. Alternative page with a corresponding etiquette/number). I chose to automatically fix them and I granted the permissions and so on. Unfortunately, I found that my live blog / site cannot be viewed anymore.

I talked to wordpress specialist and he said that I have to talk to someone from Cloudflare because the problem have to be managed by your site. Please help me with this…


What you described, as far as GSC is concerned, is totally unrelated to Cloudflare, and to your issue.

Please visit your website with Developer Tools open and take note of any errors that might be showing in the Console tab. Otherwise, talk to the WP specialist who sent you here and ask them to explain why exactly they think your site’s problems are related to Cloudflare.

Ok, thank you

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