Not seeing JS

So yesterday I turned off “Under Attack Mode” and after it I don’t see some JS script like pull down user panel, timer. Ive tried to reset my browser cache, change browsers, purge cache in Cloudflare. For some people is showing, for me sadly not.
The reason why i turned off that mode was Iven’t been able to enter to Admin Panel (MyBB), cause of “Java script about DDOS protection when visting site”

Whats the URL and which files do not seem to load?


You mean the times on the right? They do show up for me.

Yeah, for some users like me are not showing. :scream:

Might be a local issue on their side. Can you reproduce it?

Is the script in question Can they load it?

Yeah, it showes me different JS :thinking:

Try clearing your cache in that case. It appears as if you have some invalid code cached.

Ive had application “AdLock”, which was “blocking” JS. Thanks for help @sandro

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