Not seeing any cache cache sync or storage in cache reserve - requirements?


I am trailing the new cache reserve feature. I admit this is something new to me and I have very little knowledge of it’s operation althougb I think I understand the concept.

After reading over some documentation there does seem to be some requirements. Some of which I think I could meeting just fine such as tired cache.

As seen in the image below. I am not seeing any storage usage here.

I have referenced this document. However, I am personally failing to detect what I might be missing or failing.

Cache Reserve (beta) · Cloudflare Cache docs)

What should I be looking at to see the storage / cache hits? get used ?

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Yes i have the same issue.

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There was the cache resever function added to my domain - techbusinessnews .com .au

However, its now been taken away and removed.

Can I ask why has this happened? Why was it taken off? I only had it activated for around 24 hours after it was added, now its been taken.

Can I get it added back please. I have sent an email to support and billing, however, there has been no response about this.


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