Not secure without www, with http://www. and http:// HELP!

I moved hosts a few days ago and continued to use Cloudflare’s services. However, it looks like my domain without www., with http://www. and http:// is not secure. The only secure urls is with www. When I was with my other host, I told them of the issue and they did something on there end to redirect any url to https://www. But since the move, I cannot figure out what they did. They must have done it through the host rather than Cloudflare. I did look at some info online and tried page rules but no luck.

You can make some settings changes so all visitors go to your secure www page:

  1. On the Crypto page, turn on “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”
  2. Add a page rule: Match* and set a Forwarding URL to$1

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