Not secure on home page only

Hi ,
I’m really new to all this and struggling with the new SSL certificate I set up yesterday.
I set up a free account and created a full SSL certificate for my website which is now active. Now all the pages display as https:// and all the pages except one have a pad lockon them. The exception in my home page, which despite being https:// has a ‘not secure’ warning just to the left of it. When I click on the ‘not secure’ message it states that the website has a valid certificate but is not using a private connection. I am confused as it is all part of the same website I have recently set up through TSOhost and wordpress so how can all pages except 1 be secure?
Thank you for your time
Any help gratefully appreciated

Probably mixed content. Check out this #CommunityTip

Thank you
It’s all so mind bending when it’s new.
It was an image on my home page.
something so simple - yet 2+ hours at the computer feeling hopeless.
Now sorted
Thanks Michael

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