Not secure after doing everything


I have added my name server in Godaddy as

My says my name server is

I have turned on Always use HTTPS and HTTP rewrites.

I use infinityfree hosting to host my website I made this website in Mobirise.

Please help me fix this!

The name server change has gone through, but I’m getting a 521 Server is Down error.

Was your website working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Im not sure.
I can open the website but my friends see the same error like you do. I have cleared cache and cookies and still it loads on my phone but not on my friends phone.

I never had https before cloudflare. What do you think I can do to fix it?
I received name servers but GoDaddy asks for IP address to apply custom name server.
I used and added nameserver and got an IP address. I added those IP address to Godaddy as I was not able to find any IP address with your name servers.

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