Not Resolved yet - Since past 2 days, Pages are not updated, and served from Cached, even after clearing cache


We are facing challenge since past 2 days, where pages are not automatically updated.

Ideally after updating content page should get update automatically, but in our case it is not updated. Further,

  • We have clear cached from Cloudflare site many time (configuration cache option)
  • We have clear cached from Cloudflare plugin for the same url many time

Also it is getting very complicated, (Few Observations)

  • In google chrome few user profile, page is showing udpated but not true for other user profile
  • For logged in user for website, pages are updated properly.
  • In edge browser, it is random. Sometime it is showing updated ad sometime it is serving from cache.
  • In mobile it is always serving from cache, (normal browser or incognito mode) we have checked in few phones.

We have purchased APO, which helps us in optimizing the speed for website but same time it is creating lot of problem for us since past 2 month in one or other way.

We can explain few more scenarios as when required.

Current Example :-

But actually in many browser and many phone still it is showing old section without download button

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Brahma Kumaris

Same issue faced for others uses as mentioned in below thread.

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Could you please open a ticket with us and share the ticket number here? Please include 2 HAR files, one before updating content, and one after you have updated a specifc URL, so we can look into this.
Thank you!

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Please check the ticket number

We have attached 2 HAR file,

  • 1 from browser where content are updated properly (latest content is visible)
  • 1 from browser where still old content (content from cached is visible)

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any query.

Best Regards,

Team Kindly revert…we have sent multiple mail with observation but still no revert on ticket number.

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