Not reflecting changes - SPF ( Txt record ) / Tracking ( CNAME ) / DKIM records ( TXT )

Hello, one of our marketing email companies - Rocket Referrals has asked us to enter records into our DNS records hosted in CloudFare … I have done that however, it’s still showing up an issue with SPF record showing invalid on rocket referral end.

I entered their:

SPF record as TXT record
Tracking as CNAME record
DKIM as TXT record.

Any ideas why this could be showing invalid on their end, its been 3 days now ?

( one of our domains is hosted in godaddy and that one is showing all three of these records as invalid )

Sorry I am new to DNS records, can someone kindly help me out ?


With the CNAME record it could be a proxy issue and you should make sure it is :grey:, with the others it’s either a misconfiguration or wrong nameservers.

What’s the domain and which records were you supposed to set up? Post a screenshot.

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