Not redirecting HTTP to HTTPS (NGINX)


I just set up Cloudflare but the HTTP => HTTPS is not working.
The “Alwasy use HTTPS” is ON.
Also, the server is using NGINX and the port 443 is only opened.

Is there any other configuration that I should add?
Is the SSL certificate required? I am using the Let’s Encrypt certificate.


The most likely scenario for this is that you’re not proxying requests through Cloudflare - You should make sure the DNS record for your website has an orange cloud next to it. If it’s a grey cloud, “Always use HTTPS” won’t work.

I am proxying the request through Cloudflare. Should I add any additional configuration?

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 8.17.20 AM|690x88.

Thanks, I am really getting lost because I don’t know what’s going wrong.

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