Not Recieving Email Token

Hello I have emailed support about this and have not heard back from them and also trouble shot my server fully. Our IP has changed and it is requiring an email token because of that, in order to access our account. The Ticket number I recieved is #2208720. Can someone please look into this. I am a paying member. Thank You.
This service offers little to no support for paying members, and none for free members.

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Hi @sisterwives,

The usual reason for this is that your email has ended up on Cloudflare’s email suppression list for one of two reasons. Either you selected ‘Cloudflare may not send me emails’ in your communication preferences, or emails bounced so they stopped sending them.

I’ve escalated this topic and your ticket for the attention of the customer support team.

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I show a recent email as delivered @sisterwives, did you receive it?

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