Not receiving verification emails

As per hc/requests/2562502 it appears as though I am not getting verification email … over email because my domain is suppressed. Need an admin or someone to help and email support (at) cf does not seem to work / be an acceptable way to get in touch with support. How are folks supposed to resolve this issue now?

After thinking on this for a bit longer I realized one of the reasons emails may be getting blocked is that I had not yet setup SPF, DKIM & DMARC for my email domain. After just setting up SPF it looks as though some emails from CF are now starting to come through. Yaay!

Hi there Alex,

Thanks for reaching out to Cloudflare support.
This was most likely due to an incident we had regarding Email delivery delays: Cloudflare Status - Email Delivery Delays

Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues by replying to this thread.

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That would make sense. I started getting a bunch of verification and 2FA emails once the backlog cleared. Good to know it wasn’t me, and hey it forced me to get my email settings locked down.

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