Not Receiving Verification Emails (Potentially on Suppression List?)


I’m posting this here as I have not been able to setup my Cloudflare account as I am not receiving any of the verification emails.

Originally the email was not accepting emails from domains other than the organisation’s one but this has since been solved and tested (Got AWS emails, and the verification email for the Cloudflare community).

I have waited and attempted to resend the verification link since Yesterday but nothing seems to come through.

From a few posts here it seems likely that my domain might be on the suppression list but I am unsure on how to proceed to remove it from this suppression list.

Any pointers on how I could get this resolved would help heaps!

It was, but you should be good to go now. Let us know if not and sorry for the issues.

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Just resent the verification email and it came through.

Thanks for having a look and fixing this so quickly!

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