Not receiving verification email--

I recently changed my Cloudflare email last week and I have been trying to receive the verification email since then.

The email address works fine - I’m changing my credentials to use Apple’s new Hide My Email feature and it is an email address.

When I registered to this forum to ask this question here, I received the email to activate the forum account, but I still cannot receive the verification mail for the actual Cloudflare service.

The @CloudflareHelp account is dead and I cannot find a way to contact Cloudflare support. Any help will be appreciated.

I can receive Cloudflare email just fine on the Hide My Email address, so why am I not getting the verification code? :joy:


I think this has come up before. Have you tried Search?

Yes all of them say to open a ticket and then mention one of the mods (if I can figure who they are) so they can escalate it.

I have been looking for a way to open a ticket for a week and I’m either blind or it has been removed.

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This was resolved for me by just emailing support. They removed my email from their blacklist, which they were unsure why it was on there. Fixed everything.

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Hey man. This is the advice given to me:

“May I ask if you have tried sending an an e-mail to support[at]cloudflare[dot]com from your e-mail associated with your Cloudflare account? Later on, you could post a ticket number here when you get it.”

I emailed them from the email I was having issues with and in a few hours it was resolved.


Thanks everyone - Unfortunately it is not possible to email using the Hide My Email addresses, but I have sent them an email and asked them to just send the link manually to that new address or to the old one if it’s not possible. Hopefully that works.

Hi @banez the icloud email is on the suppress list, not verified, and opted out of receiving emails. I see the mails bouncing. I have removed it from the list and resent the token, lmk if you receive it and are able to login. Sorry for the trouble.


Thank you very much. Yes I just received the verification email and I was able to verify it now. Weird it would be opting out to receive emails as it’s a brand new address but I was able to verify and that’s what matters.

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Hello @cloonan , I am having the same issue, could someone assist me as well?


on it, back in a moment


I removed that account from the suppression list and sent you another token, lmk if you’re able to login. Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you so much, I received the email and it worked!

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