Not receiving verification email from cloudflare

Hi there!
Maybe somebody can help me with this problem.
When i press “send verification email” i don’t receive it. Spam folder is emty too. Email provider is protonmail.

I got it. Problem solved.

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Nope, it was mail from community site :frowning: problem still there, cannot verify account with proton email :frowning:

Ok. I was about to post when you thought it was problem solved.

It could be as I did once: changed my email address, then forgot what I changed it to. Double check recent email from Cloudflare to make sure you’re using the proper email address for your account.

p.s. Though I expect it’s the same email address Community messages would go to. hmmm.

How about just emailing Support from that email address: support AT Cloudflare DOT com

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I’m also having the same problem, my email’s on Gmail. I’ve also tried the “Send verification email” link a couple of times but to no avail.

+1 here, gmail provider

I have the same issue. I’ve signed up yesterday and not able to receive the activation email. But I received this Cloudflare community activation link :frowning:

When you send the email, let Customer Support know that you did not receive the email and they’ll help.


When your register in Cloudflare then you did not receive the verification email form Cloudflare. sometimes we are receiving the verification in one or two days. But I think the services of the Cloudflare. You can also use the Thunderbird Email for the better experience. If your Thunderbird Email is not working properly, please visit

I think you mean that the issue is with Cloudflare, but then you say

If you think the issue is with Cloudflare, I don’t think using Thunderbird or any other service would increase email delivery time :wink:

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