Not receiving verification email for new destination address

I am trying to add a new destination email address but I am not receiving the verification email. Even after multiple tries.
Although, I do receives the verification email to other addresses at the same domain.

@cloonan I see that you help other peoples here with the same issue.
All email for the given domain are received and even the one I am trying to add. It looks like it might be blocked from Cloudflare side due to some bouncing when trying to set it up in the first place. Any chance we can have a reset or something ?

Is it the same email you are using here? I do not see any bounced emails. Here are some links that may help & let us know if you are still encountering the issue.

These links may help, but they only work when logged out

If you know the email:
If you know the email and have 2FA issues:
If you don’t know the email:

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No, I am trying to setup

as a new destination address.

I removed the address, I do not see any account using the email you shared. Are you trying to change your email to that address or registering a new account using that address?

I am trying to set this address as a new destination address for email routing purposes.
So a destination for a forward on that domain.

I am able to add it but I never receive the verification email, kinda like the verification email never leaves Cloudflare infra…

Any hint @cloonan ? :slight_smile:

@emanova I see on other posts that you helped some people here. Any chance you can have a look if a specific destination email that I am trying to add and for which I do not receive the verification email is on the “suppression list” ?

Please let me know.

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@emanova I don’t know if you did anything but it works now ! :slight_smile: Hurray !!!

Looks like that email ended up in a suppression list on our side, but we were able to clear it from the list.

If you experience the issue again with another email, make sure you allow all emails from [email protected] to prevent any issue.

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