Not receiving verification email for email routing

I went to my Cloudflare dashboard. Chose my domain then went to Email → Email Routing. Added an email address for the routes and added the Email DNS records that the settings wanted me to add. But for some reason every time I click the resend verification email. I’m not receiving it in my email to verify.

Can I get some help with why the email is not getting to my zoho email?


We’re also experiencing this problem. I tried to post my own thread about this but all I get is an error that says ‘you can’t include links in your post, to add links…’

I didn’t add any links, but it won’t allow me to submit. Can anyone advise or let us know about how to troubleshoot email routing?

Many thanks

Bumping this thread, any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance

Happening to me too. Can’t verify my destination email (it’s hosted on BlueHost)

It’s been a while but if I remember correctly. There was a bit of a delay before I got the email. I’m assuming because of the whole DNS routing stuff. But after a day or two I finally got the email.

It would be nice for an official answer though.


Does anyone from Cloudflare monitor this forum? We’re missing emails from one domain because of this, as all previous domains worked fine.

Unfortunately ours did not arrive after any propagation period, I have just sent another to test it again.

But agreed with PhanTheMan, some official answer/help would be great. Struggling to see what the issue could be otherwise.

Hello Cloudflare, are you there?

I am not Cloudflare, but the reality is that email forwarding, which is all Cloudflare Email Routing is, was a dead-end game long before Cloudflare put their offering into beta.

While this doesn’t make it obsolete, there are certain use cases that work better than others. General purpose personal mailbox usage is not one of them.

If both ends of your email forwarding solution offer no detailed visibility into messaging traffic, there is little hope of successfully troubleshooting.

If you care about receiving messages, your MX should be routing to your mailbox provider’s MTA or a reliable hosted spam filtering solution that then delivers only good email to your mailbox.