Not receiving verification email after setting up email routing

Hello, I’m not receiving the verification email to my new address after setting up “Email routing”. Tried the “resend email” button a few times. The new address is configured correctly as it can receive emails from my own personal address just fine. What could be the problem?


Thank you for asking.

Unfortunately, it knows to happen if your email address somehow got to be on the suppression list due to an opt-out, or bounces :thinking: @cloonan

May I ask if you’re successfuly receiving other emails from Cloudflare since before to your designated destination email for Email Routing feature? :thinking:

Hey, thanks for your reply.

I can’t check for other emails since the DNS is setup for Zoho.
Domain A DNS is set up for Zoho
Domain B DNS is set up for Cloudflare
I want to redirect emails from domain B to domain A but I’m not receiving the verification email.

It could be in a suppression list as the domain A was not in use for a while, maybe it can only be solved by a staff member :face_with_monocle:


Sorry for the issues. I took some steps to correct but am not optimistic they’ll fix the issue. Can you try again from an incognito tab and

If you keep having issues @nedas0, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

Thank you @fritex

I’m not sure whether it was me changing the DNS records for domain B or something @cloonan did, but I received the verification email and my issue was resolved. :smile:

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Sorry for the issues, can you open a ticket and share the number?

I have the same issue with one of my domains. How could this fixed?




Make sure that your DNS is correct, also, as someone mentioned, you might need to check if your email address is not in suppression list. I’m using Amazon SES and had to remove my email address from the suppression list.

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