"Not receiving Verification E-Mail"


After checking my inbox/junk/spam/trash folders for several days I am still not able to receive the Email Verification link.
Didn’t had any issue receiving Confirmation Link to be able to post here.
Already opened 2 tickets one by sending a direct email to [email protected] from same email address I am using for cloudflare account and one thru Help Center after i`ve logged in to my account, wich then generated an automatic reply and sent me here to write about the issue.

Thank you in advance.

"Not receiving Verification E-Mail"

Did you get ticket numbers for both of those? If so, can you post them here?

Yes sure
First: Your request #2130069 has been submitted…
Second: Your request #2130077 has been submitted…

@MoreHelp needed. as mentioned in auto reply.

I know “free accounts” clients need to wait more time but the topic is set to be close after 5 days.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @webdev.undernet,

Did you reply back to the auto-response to re-open the ticket? If you check the Help Center, does one of the tickets show a status of ‘open’ or are they both marked as ‘resolved’?


Cannot access Help Center ticktes system due “missing email verification” here is the error:
message “SSO failed. Please verify your email before sign in the support site”

Yes I did reply to that email too.

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Thanks for the extra info, if you replied back to the auto-response your ticket should be open and hopefully responded to soon, hopefully there will be a staff member around tomorrow who can take a look at the ticket for you.


Thank you @domjh

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Hi, I merged your tickets into 2130077 @webdev.undernet, sorry for the issues. The tickets were both assigned to the same agent and the one above is the ticket number to use.

I did notice on your dash that you’re opted out of receiving emails, that should not affect operational emails but the agent can figure out what’s going on.

I’ve added myself to the ticket and will keep an eye out on progress.


@webdev.undernet I’m sorry to hear this, coincidently I am having the same issue for my account (already contacted support AT cloudflare DOT com to try mitigate the issue).


Thank you, yes that’s true, I can’t edit neither Communication Preferences “Cloudflare may not send me emails” because it needs me to verify email first which is the main issue “not being able”.

Also I cannot access the support ticket system due same issue, but thank you for merging the tickets in a single one



The issue was solved thank you. Maybe this post can be tagged as resolved and if no issues I want to share the CF support team response/fix, maybe would help others with same issue.

  1. The list-unsubscribe link was clicked
  2. Email address flagged as spam at Customer’s email system therefore the email sent is bounced back.

    Please add our email address to your contact list [email protected] and [email protected]

Added both emails to my gmail Contacs list and VOILA, I`ve received the E-Mail Confrmation Link to verify my email/account.

Thank you @cloonan and @Chris_M



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