Not receiving verification code from HelpScout

I am not receiving the verification email from HelpScout. What should I do, contacted HelpScout but they don’t know what the problem could be.
If someone can help me, please do, step by step if possible i am totally a newbie in this world.

Are you able to receive other emails to the same account?

I do receive other emails to the same account

I think having a similar problem like elixirtv7, hence I use this thread.
My issue is following: I would also like to create a new email address.
Unfortunately, I can’t confirm it, because I don’t receive the email with the confirmation link. I already changed the nameservers so that they are pointing to cloudflare and no longer to my webhost.
How could I solve this problem?
Thank you for any advice in advance.
Best regards

@natalie.becker1: Your domain name?

My domain: greensofgaia .de
I cannot reach it for now.

I don’t understand how to share links here. This is why I added a space between the domain-name and the ending.

The MX for that domain goes to webgo GmbH (

A lot of spam bots are sending out links, which is why there is a restriction for new users.

You can however still be referring to specific domain names, such as e.g. like this:


which would become:

Just to confirm, … is the issue:

  1. You’re not receiving the confirmation link to confirm your account on

  2. You’re (like OP) not receiving a confirmation link from a third party (e.g. HubSpot, as mentioned)?

Not to confirm my account on Cloudflare.
I wanted to add a new target-email-address for email-routing
But since the nameservers were pointing on Cloudflare the confirmation email didn’t reach my email-box. And so I am wondering where the email with the confirmation link goes to …

No third party involved. I have a subdomain which is not hosted by Cloudflare and I want to use the email-address corresponding to that subdomain as target email-address with Cloudflare.
I hope this explanation was clear?

webgo GmbH is my domains host.
I changed the spf and MX records in order to receive the confirmation email to my post box at webgo.