Not receiving Token Email - Can't login

I’m not receiving Token Email. I’ve already sent an email to Support but still no answer.
My other accounts are receiving cloudflare emails without any trouble.

Could you check #1939421 support. I need to get into dashboard ASAP!.



HI @exequielplaza, were you able to locate the emails with your provider? When you locate the issue, if you reply back to support that will keep the ticket open.

after 5 days, finally i’m able to receive token over email. I don’t know what happened it got fixed magically, but I still so concerned because Cloudflare Support is so bad, took so long. I’m paying for this service, (~ $50 every month).

Sorry about the issues, @exequielplaza. I see a ticket from Saturday night with a reply an hour later indicating the tokens were sent to the account owners email address, but the email provider rejected them.

(I see a ticket from Wednesday from a different account with no associated zones. I thought that should have received an automated reply indicating not the zone owner, but as there was no zone indicated to make that assumption.)

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