Not receiving the password reset email

I am not getting a reset password link mail to my email address {redacted}
I have logged in from another mail to share my problem.I have checked my spam mail and found no email there as suggested.
Cloudflare support has also rejected my mails saying it comes under spam classification.

You have a terrible way of dealing with grievances. I have been trying to login into my dashboard but because I have forgotten my password I can’t log in. I have tried using the password reset option but you guys don’t send me reset password link mail or it keeps on getting lost. By the way my email account which has been locked is {redacted}

Sorry, before you can reset your password, your account must be verified. It was not, I just sent you another verification token, can you follow those directions and then attempt to change your password once the account is verified?

I don’t know why my ticket (2315148) was merged into this topic by @domjh on 9th January because this is a different user.

I still can’t get a password reset email and it has been over a month.

Someone named Evan replied to my ticket but ended up giving false information and didn’t provide any help. On the 15th December, Evan (Cloudflare) said:

Trust & Safety will reach out to you soon, and will help to address your request.

It never happened and it’s been over 2 months since I submitted the ticket.

This is the original thread which @domjh mistakenly merged into this one:

I didn’t mistakenly merge anything, I merged a different users reply to this thread, not yours.

The previous topic was closed as it was over 3 weeks without a reply.

I submitted a follow-up ticket #2379424 3 days ago and didn’t get any reply. Is there any way to get some form of assistance?

I’m the manager of several sites on the Enterprise Plan on the account which I’m trying to move to the “taken” email address but it didn’t seem to make a difference in the level of support received.

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As you’re on Enterprise, your Account Team or Customer Success Manager may be able to help if you can get in touch with them.

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