Not receiving some emails since installing SSL


I’ve checked various other posts for ideas already, but nothing seems to be working. Since installing a Cloudflare SSL and OriginCA, I am only receiving some emails. I read on another thread that it should be “all or nothing”, but this isn’t the case. Sending test emails from the account seems fine. I received a couple of emails from (not all of them) but when I send test emails to the account, I don’t receive them.

My domain is

I have the following DNS records:

  • A for naked domain and mail domain
  • CNAME for www
  • A for mail domains (grey clouded)
  • MX for mail servers
  • TXT for domain key, dmarc and SPF

That seems to be everything that I can see recommended, but I’m still having issues. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

You have four mail servers for incoming mail


Is this really intended? That could explain why you only get some mails.

I didn’t originally have 1.
I only added this because I saw something similar in another post and added it just in case.

The other ones were taken directly from my CPanel set up, which worked without any issues.

In this case drop that MX record. You might have routed your emails to a server which does not accept them in the first place.

Okay, now something really weird is happening.

I deleted the record, purged, and sent another test record. I have the website email set up to fetch from another Gmail account (it’s the only way I’ve ever accessed the account, so I can’t check it any other way). I didn’t receive anything to that email, but I did a manual “check mail” and it says one email was retrieved, but I can’t see it anywhere. I haven’t changed the set up on Gmail at all. I have no idea what’s going on :sweat:

Update: I managed to get emails working again and thought I’d post some details here to help anyone else having similar issues. I’m not sure exactly where the problem was, but here’s all the extra things I did:

  • Grey-clouded the autodiscover DNS record
  • Got the correct SPF value from CPanel > Email Deliverability > Manage > SPF > Copy the recommended SPF value there (I was looking for it in my CPanel DNS records, but it doesn’t exist there, so I followed guidance in other posts to try and build a value myself)
  • If checking emails through a POP account on a different Gmail account, use another completely separate email address to do tests with. Otherwise, even without a filtered inbox or custom rules in place, Google filters your emails anyway and these will be hidden in More > All Mail. That’s why it was fetching mail but not displaying it in the inbox
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