Not Receiving Password Reset Emails


My employer is having an issue with receiving a password reset email. After searching the boards before making my account here, I suspect the problem is similar to what’s described in this post:

My question is; where should I start the process of getting my employer’s access restored?

To add a little more clarity, I think the issue we’re having relates specifically to opting out of receiving emails from Cloudflare, as described here:

If there’s a Cloudflare team member reading who can advise further, that would be much appreciated!

Support Ticket #2756780 has been created.

Hi @ML8589 sorry for the issues you’re facing. I see your ticket with Support and it will take some time for the team to reply to you. Note that the domain you indicated is not using Cloudflare. You can verify this by using You can use this site to search for past dns record history,

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Thank you for replying! I made a mistake on the particular domain in question, which I will correct in the ticket itself.

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@cloonan, thanks for pointing that out. The correct domain, which is using Cloudflare, has been added.


Thank you, I don’t see any blocks or bounces on the account you indicated. Can you have them/the account owner reply on the ticket to Support from their email? And, please ensure the following addresses are on the allowlist at your origin mail server: [email protected] and [email protected].

Hi @cloonan, I’ve passed that request along to the account owner and hope to have that done today.

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