Not receiving mails on my business mail from website contact form

I’m not receiving the mails of the successfully submitted contact forms from my website.

I set up the DNS records as provided by GoDaddy.

The form gets submitted successfully but I don’t receive the details.

Cloudflare does not handle emails, so you need to contact your mail provider.

That being said, as far as Cloudflare is concerned, you have an insecure legacy encryption mode selected and no valid certificate on your server. For that reason you still have an insecure site and should fix that with your host.

I’m a little confused. When you say that Cloudflare does not handle email, what do you mean by that? I purchased my business email from GoDaddy. And GoDaddy required me to add to my DNS records. So now my DNS Host is Cloudflare so I added the records to CF.

Exactly what I said, Cloudflare does not handle email. You have configured MX entries, so this will resolve to the provided mail servers and mail should be routed there. Apart from that Cloudflare is not involved.

But if you form does not work, then that may be a very different issue and should be fixed by your developer. The insecure mode you currently have may very well be the reason for that and typically breaks sites, so you definitely need to address that.

I’d recommend to pause Cloudflare and make sure everything loads fine on HTTPS and works as expected. If it doesn’t, talk to your host and developer. Once it does, it will also work on Cloudflare.

Actually the form shows a success message. Also, how do I address the insecure mode?

Switch your encryption mode to Full Strict and make sure you have a valid certificate on your server.

I’m using the free cloudflare ssl

You don’t, you have an invalid certificate on your server. You need to fix that, you can get an Origin certificate from Cloudflare or use any other, but you need to have a working SSL setup first.

Where do I put the origin certificate key and origin key?

On your server.

As already mentioned, proceed as outlined → Not receiving mails on my business mail from website contact form - #7 by sandro

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