Not Receiving Login Auth token

Similar to this topic I am not receiving the login authentication token via email and am effectively locked out of my account.

I have urgent issues to address and can’t log into the Support centre. I’ve also sent an email (ticket: 2186542) but received an automated response stating that 2Fa isn’t enabled on my account. Fair enough, but what does this message mean then?
Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 16.28.43

I’m using Google Apps for email and my domain is configured on CloudFlare.

It seems it was a CloudFlare issue

Having the same issue at the moment. No emails have arrived. Requested token several times. :frowning:

Raise an email ticket with support ([email protected]…), mine was eventually replied to and the link to the incident was shared. According to the System Status it’s currently being monitored so it’s worth notifying the team of your issue.

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