Not receiving emails to iCloud alias


I am not receiving emails to my iCloud alias (Could be related to suppression list), similar thread

Also I have tried changing my Cloudfare accounts’s password but I do not receive any notifications that the accounts password has been changed or something like this, (kind of worrying though, is this normal?)


Hi @usercf_22 did you resolve this?

Not yet fully though, I have verified my email now.

But a week a go I tried to change the ownership of my domain from one alias to one another icloud alias, Initially I was not receiving emails to my new alias (cloudfare account email) but now I do but I am not still receiving emails to my old alias to approve, one time it got expired after 7 days as the approve email didn’t come through to the current email alias.

if the icloud aliases are addd to suppression list on cloudfare, should I use another provider?