Not receiving Emails from Wordpress, Woocommerce in my Gsuite accounts

We are using Wordpress and Woocommerce as an ecommerce platform. A while ago, we used a plugin to send emails but the developer removed it. Since then, I don´t receive notifications of new orders, etc. I have a GSuite account and those new order emails should reach me to one of those accounts. I think users do receive order confirmations but I’m not sure. What I am 100% clear about is that I do not receive Woocommerce emails. Any Idea?

Hard to be sure with the obfuscation. If you can give the domain name it will be easier.

Are the emails from Wordpress and Woocommerce coming from your server to your Google account? If so, the server itself needs to be in the SPF record at least (can’t see from what you posted if it is) or the messages will probably go to spam (due to ~all in the SPF).

It looks like you have one SPF record pointing at another, but again hard to be sure what’s in there with the obfuscation.

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me.
There are no emails in the Spam Folder.
The domain is “


While not likely causing your immediate issue, your SPF syntax could stand some cleanup to remove the additional lookup that is introduced for no purpose by the use of an SPF flattening mechanism.

The only wraps another policy that contains an include mechanism. It would be far more efficient to lose the dc-aa8e722993._spfm record and include the record directly in the main SPF record. Accomplishing that will likely involve disabling any automated SPF management in Cloudflare, which is always a good idea.

You may find this article on email logging helps you get the intonation you need to meter troubleshoot this situation.

I tried to do what you suggested. Once you have time please doublecheck to make sure I understood you properly.


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From what I see at the SPF Surveyor link in my previous reply, your SPF record is now syntactically valid. If you will only be sending domain emails from Google Workspace and Zoho, you have what you need in it. :sunglasses:

Hi, any other idea why I am not receiving the woocommerce notifications in my GSuite accounts based on the information I shared? Thanks

Did you set up email logging in your WordPress? There is a link to a guide in an earlier reply. That will help you confirm if the email is being sent. You need to follow the path of the message to find were the delivery is disrupted.