Not receiving emails (from the website)

Hello mates,
i’m not receiving emails from the website since 10am today, the host told me is because Cloudflare, because i have Cloudflare nameservers. I have the same configuration since 5 years ago and everything workes correctly. Situations like this happens sometimes (but very rare) and i receive all emails at the same time later or next day.

There is something i can do? why this happens?

Thank you!

Hey, do you use Cloudflare email redirect or just DNS? If only DNS have you checked with an external source (dig, web dns-lookup) that the email servers are still correct? If you just use DNS and haven’t changed anything recently (accidentally) , i’d say there’s not much CF could mess up there.

Hello mate, i just use the nameservers. I have received all the emails (from the website) around 20:00.
Today is happening the same, i have received one reservation request 1 hour ago (i’m checking the backoffice) and i didn’t receive in the email box the reservation (neither the customer).

I just have this:
dana .ns. Cloudflare. com

west. ns. Cloudflare. com

Also, the email i’m using isn’t a domain email, is gmail.

How can i fix this? Something is blocking?

Thank you!

May I ask if your question is related to the Cloudflare Email Routing feature or? :thinking:

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