Not receiving emails from my website

Im not receiving emails into my outlook account from my website. ie when someone requests a quote. I do receive it to my gmail account but not to outlook. So I was wondering if cloudlare might be blocking it and if so, how to I get them to communicate so that my staff can receive emails when a quote request is made.

Is this an issue with cloudflare, the website servers or the microsoft outlook account?

Is there a safe senders/receivers list that is on the server?
Or do I need to tell the servers, cloudflare and outlook that they should always be able to receive emails from my websites.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @user17421,

It’s really difficult to pinpoint this without knowing more about your setup.

If your mail hosted on a server behind Cloudflare or are you using Google Workspace or similar?

If it’s a server behind Cloudflare, just make sure Outlook is connecting to a :grey: hostname.

If it’s a 3rd party then ensure the server in Outlook is set to them and Cloudflare shouldn’t be involved.

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