Not receiving emails from Cloudflare when DNS changes are made

We have set up a new account with a number of domains we imported and are moving DNS services to Cloudflare. On this account we are not receiving any notifications from Cloudflare that a change to the DNS records has been made. I have another account with Cloudflare, also a free account, and when I transfer a domain to Cloudflare DNS get a notification. I can’t find any difference in the setup of the two accounts but this account fails to send a notification every time. We have checked our mail server and there are no entries reflecting email attempting to be sent to this particular accounts email related to DNS changes. We got a notification of the community login so we know Cloudflare can resolve our mx records and deliver mail to us.

Other than having your site become active on Cloudflare, what DNS changes are you expecting to get alerts about?

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The primary issue is that I didn’t receive notifications that my domain has become active. However notifications regarding changes to actual DNS records including addition, modification, or deletion would be nice for awareness of potentially unauthorized changes.

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