Not receiving emails despite adding my DNS and having a business account

I am still having issues with uploading my DNS record to Microsoft because the DNS records do not match. As such I am unable to add my domain name and, therefoe, not getting any email.

Is there someone that help?

Make sure that any DNS record you add here for email is set to :grey: DNS Only. Then Cloudflare will publish it exactly as entered. Once that’s done, confirm with your mail provider that you’ve set the correct DNS records.


I have done that and still having no joy

See screenshot

What exactly did your mail provider say?

The txt file does not match the expected value when we upload the DNS file

Is there no one that provide a technical support?

I concur. It’s showing hostedemail instead.

At the bottom of your DNS page here, does it say that your name servers are Logan and Maya?

As a side note, the only DNS record of yours that affects receiving messages is the MX record. And it’s probably not a surprise that it’s as wrong as the TXT record for SPF.

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

If you’d like better than the ten minute response time I’ve been providing for free, you’re welcome to open a ticket from your paid plan.


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