Not receiving emails after connecting to CloudFlare

I have started a blog and using CloudFlare CDN. To use CloudFlare, I had to point my domain’s nameservers to CloudFlare namerservers.
But, instantly all the MX, SPF, DKIM records got deleted. I wasn’t receiving emails. Still, I’m not receiving emails. This problem is 15 days old.
Today, I added new MX records and a SPF record using CloudFlare DNS management. But still, I’m not receiving a single email.
I’m using Zoho.

When you transferred your name servers to Cloudflare, did you double-check all the DNS entries before finishing the process? They should have completely matched your old DNS records. If they were there, then disappeared, check the Audit Log at the top of to see if a User did it, or an API call from a third party.

You didn’t post your domain name so we can’t check, but email-related DNS records need to be set to :grey:.

Thanks sdayman for your response. Yeah, I double-checked all the entries. I am sure that all the entries were set up.
I also noticed one thin. I added all the entries through cPanel & immediately email service started working. Then I connected my website to CloudFlare.
But all the MX records immediately dissappeared. A point to note, the SPF & DKIM did not disappear. I then again changed my nameservers and I started receiving emails. I then reconncted my website to CloudFlare. But again all the MX entries dissappeared.
My domain name is

Your domain has MX records, so your incoming email will go to Zoho.

Yeah, sdayman, but the problem is I’m not receiving.

Check with Zoho. They should be able to track incoming mail.

Okay, but they take some time to reply to a ticket. So, I will report tommorrow.

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