Not receiving email with code for access to protected site

I’m trying to access a website that’s protected by Cloudflare Access.

I provide my email address and click the button, and get to the next page where it’s asking for the code that it says has been emailed, but, I’m not seeing an email from Cloudflare with the code.

email address the code should be sent to is on gmail domain

I have had success using other Cloudflare Access protected resources in the past, so am surprised this is not working now.

Question is: is this something specific to this particular instance of Cloudflare Access being used, or is there some kind of issue more generally with Cloudflare Access-protected pages currently?

And, yes, I have been in contact with the people managing access, and they tell me there’s nothing they have on their side that should prevent me from having access.

We would need to work with the site owner if their users are having issues with access

Sorry that this is affecting you, and if they are not seeing the issue I would definitely have them open a ticket.