Not receiving email verification email

I am not receiving the verification email

This is not possible

And yet is has…

Nothing in Junk, Spam or Quarantine.

Multiple attempts to resend.

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Please send to {redacted}


ok, so u have got a reset code in your email inbox, no visit and paste the reset code, and set your new password. If you believe that I have solved your query you can mark my reply with the " :white_check_mark:" symbol so that this post can be stated as resolved

Unfortunately, there is not an email with a reset code in my inbox.

Hi @CreatorRevealed: Please do not solicit users to share their personal data such as email addresses, name, address etc.


@michael Sure thing , I am sorry for that

i see the mails bouncing, @user93810 and removed the account from an internal suppression list, you may have flagged an email as spam at one point, but you should be good to go now. I just sent you a verification email, lmk if you run into any issues.


I am now receiving the emails but always getting the error “The link is not valid”.

I have tried multiple browsers and incognito mode, as per the Support documentation.


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