Not receiving email or configure email on any device

Hi, since I connected my site to Cloudflare I can’t receive any emails sent from my site [ when I try to send an email from my site wp tells me that the email was sent successfully but it never arrives.

I went to DNS management and added an A record following these instructions:

Still not working, is it posible that someone check my records in order to see what’s wrong?

Thank you, kind regards.

The ‘mail’ hostname needs to be set to :grey:

Thank you for your quick response, I have set the cloud to grey, now I have an icon saying that I will expose my IP should it be that way? Followed the tutorial but can’t seem to find any more errors on the records, still can’t receive email or configure my email on any device, would appreciate any light on this.

Since your web server also hosts mail, it needs to expose the Origin IP address.

Your mail server is working properly now. It may have just taken DNS time to update. Usually five minutes.

Thank you for your assistance, I have waited and tried to send an email from my site to test, contact form 7 continues to say that the email was sent successfully but it never arrives. Also tried again to configure Outlook with my email credentials: Outgoing Server: * SMTP Port: 465 no success. Really would like to know what the problem is and how to fix it.

It looks like you have webmail access. Can you send/receive through that?

Yes, I can send/receive through webmail .

I have just tried to send from my webmail and it didn’t work, before the changes I’ve made to the A record I was able to send and receive.

It took time but the email I sent before arrived I replied back and the answer was received properly on my web mail.

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What exactly is the error that shows up?

On Outlook there was no error message, it seems to accept the account but the emails don’t load onto the mailbox, i’ve tried on gmail to configure this account and it worked the port i’ve used was the 993, and the emails were fully loaded onto the mailbox. Still struggling with not being able to send or receive emails from my site which is the most important, really thanks for helping me!

Hi, I have tried today to send an email from my site but no luck the email never arrived to my web mailbox, also if I create a new account I don’t receive a confirmation email, hope you can guide on what to do, thank you for your time!

Everything is working now :slight_smile: I have installed on my site EASY WP SMTP configured with my email credentials * SMTP Port: 465 and that’s it all is working also new account creation notifications.

Thank you very much for your previous support!

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