Not receiving email from Godaddy cpanel email accounts

Hi all,

I am having trouble with email. I can’t recieve email from Godaddy Cpanel email.

I have several accounts and now none can send email to my g-suite email.

here are the details:

  1. I can send email from the cpanel mail to any other email that is not on my domain.
  2. I use Gsuite and have spoken with their techs and did a search and found that none of the emails hit the g-suite servers.
  3. I have spoken with Godaddy and everything is working, mail is going out, and being delivered. They say they see the emails hot Cloudflare.
  4. I have tested several clients on my cpanel server and none can send email to my domain.
  5. I have tested both url’s/emails using Cloudflare and not using cloudflare for ssl from the same godaddy capnel.
  6. I have whitelested/allow the cpanel ip in firewall rules in cloudflare, but did not work.

From all the testing it seems that the emails get blocked somewhere with Cloudflare, and I’m not sure how to fix.

anyone have an idea?

I forgot to mentione that my gsuite email that will not recieve the emails from the godaddy cpanel mail is working fine for every other email. and in fact used to recieve email from the emails in questions.

Hi @corey3,

So to confirm, you can send an email from another account and receive it correctly in GSuite but emails from cPanel won’t deliver there?

It sounds like it could be something like this:

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Thank you! worked for about three days trying to figure that out. All it was is that I had my domain that I had switched to Gsuite still in addon domains. Event thought all mx records were corect and i was recieving emails from everyone else, Godaddy cpanel still thought the url was with them…

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No problem, that was one of the first issues I faced and that’s the topic I created quite a while ago!

Glad you managed to get it sorted :slight_smile:

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