Not receiving email, followed MX steps

I moved my site to Cloudflare, stopped receiving emails in my google workspace, followed the video about adding mx records, figured out how to do that, and am still not receiving emails.

I saw in the email video that there should also be an A value but can’t find the ipv4 value for my google workspace

If it’s Google hosted email (Gsuite, or…I guess that’s “Workspace” now?), all you should need are the MX records.

What’s the domain?

Are you sure you added MX records? I’m not seeing any.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records here? Be sure to black out the IP addresses.

And please confirm that the name servers at the bottom of the screen are Jermaine and Joyce.

I have my site run through Kajabi so yes on kajabi it’s jermaine and joyce

Those MX records just aren’t showing up. Does Kajabi have a DNS records page also?

It looks as though you have many duplicate records - why is that? Do you need them?

I don’t think so. Besides the MX records, all the others ones were there without me adding them


Ah, those (kjbm) are the MX records that are showing up. Can you add your proper MX records to that Kajabi DNS?

Yes I will do that !

I just added them to Kajabi

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That did it. You should be able to receive email now.

Thank you so much for your help!!! Any idea how to retrieve those missed emails or is that a question for google?

Missed mail will sit in a holding pattern for a couple of days. After that, it should bounce back to the user.

So…they’ll either show up on their own, or they’re gone until the sender tries again.

Ok thank you! You’ve been amazingly helpful!!

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