Not receiving email after MX records change

Hi, I moved from MS365 to Google Workspace (GWS) over the weekend. I have an existing domain at but our primary domain is

In MS365 it had been set up so that any emails going to would auto-direct to the (new) primary domain Since moving to Google Workspace receiving emails at have stopped being re-directed to (GWS) but are arriving at MS365 inbox.

I’m posting here because as part of the migration to GWS it asked me to finalise the MX records through Cloudflare, which I thought I had done.

Can anyone help clear the air on this, please?

I can see both domains using proxied :orange: hostnames, therefore both using Cloudflare nameservers and both have at least one MX record.

Did you re-created your mailboxes at Google Workspace or migrated them from M365? :thinking: Do they exist and are active at GW?

Helpful article:

For I see only which I am afraid might be missing some :thinking: , while for seems to be correct MX record.

Did you used online only, or also have-hade on your device/pc/mobile phone manually configured your mailboxes (POP/IMAP/SMTP host)? :thinking:

With your MX records fixed now, the emails shouldn’t be going to your MS365 inbox any longer.

But to have the emails for the old domain automatically arrive at the corresponding mailbox for the new domain, make sure the OLD domain ( was added as a USER ALIAS DOMAIN in Google Workspace, and not the default SECONDARY DOMAIN option. In your domains overview page, (old domain) should be listed as “User alias domain for”.

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