Not RECEIVING but can send emails in outlook after switching to Cloudflare

Hi there
I started using clouflare but cant seem to get the email part sorted. I’ve trouble shooted and gone through several Cloudflare instructions + videos but it is still not resolved.
I can send emails but not receive.

During the testing process ive received errors as well:

550 unrouteable address
550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable Authentication required

Ive now deleted everything i tried and are left with the following dns records:

Please can someone assist as I’ve been troubleshooting and looking for answers for 2 days now. Ive tried Cloudflare before but becuase of this exact complexities given up.

Also there is an spf error which also don’t know how or where to resolve.

Thank you

Are you sure your mail app is pointed to the correct hostname?

It also looks like your mail is hosted at Ionos. Have you asked them if your DNS records look correct?

MX records are the ones for receiving email, and doesn’t look correct.

Looking at DNS history for the domain, you’ll probably want these two MX records:

Priority: 10
Mail server:

Priority: 10
Mail server:

If you aren’t sure of the correct DNS records, you’ll need to look in your Ionos control panels depending on what hosting products you’re using or contact Ionos support for more insights.

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My apologies, I managed to find the correct host details as well as mx records from rolmos.
Thank you, sending and receiving emails now.

Still seem to have issue with spf though?

The number of lookups on the included domains above exceed the allowed limit of 10. This will result in emails failing SPF authentication.

Thank you Rolmos, I can now send and receive.

At the moment I’m not seeing any TXT record for the domain, but the error message for more than 10 DNS lookups for an SPF record is correct.

You might need to trim out some of the other “include” values if they’re not needed. Otherwise there’s third-party services to help consolidate them.

In my experience, in some cases for some services the SPF include isn’t even needed because they use their own domain name for the SMTP/RFC5321.MailFrom.

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