Not receiving 2FA E-Mail


I can not login, because I am not receiving the 2FA email.

There is a ironic point in the FAQ to open a support ticket if you have problems with the 2FA, but I can’t do that, because I can not login in without the 2FA Email. :wink:

I whitelisted the Cloudflare domain in my spam filter, but still not receiving an email.

I hope to reach somebody from the support team by this way, because I am not even sure whether I am even able to open a support ticket, as I could not do so before, although I recently purchased the Pro membership for this purpose. - Which is a pretty modest first experience of a paid member I have to say.

Anyway, I am grateful for any quick help so that I can log in again, because during the days I was under several botnet attacks.

Best Regards from Germany

Everybody can open a support via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Then post the ticket # here and you should have your problem fixed within 24 hours.


Okay, thank you.

I just want to point the fact that I was not able to open an support ticket via the form here:

When I filled out the form, the only thing left was the “done” button, but no text field where I could write anything.

Not sure I understood you right. Should I contact the support via E-Mail now or just wait for response here?

Contact via the email given above then when you get the automatic response with the ticket number post it here.


Ticket Number: 2289808

Thank you.

Your account was on our internal suppression list, you may have opted out at one point. I can see the mails bouncing and have removed your account from that list. Can you try to login again and let us know if you are successful?


Thank you, but unfortunately I am not receiving an email. [email protected] is already on the whitelist, as I learned about it in another topic. I only waited 5 minutes. If anything changes I’ll post here again but it doesn’t seem to work yet.

Edit: Just for information, I waited another 20 minutes, still no email.