Not receiving 10% of email

I don’t know what I can do about it, but it seems that about 10% of my e.mails aren’t getting to me through the re-routing I’ve set up. I’ve asked a dozen times but nobody answers, where do I go for help?

Okay… I’ll ask again…

About 10% of the e.mails which should be being routed to me are not getting through. I have no way of checking what they are, I have asked repeatedly about this issue but no answers are forthcoming.

I do know I don’t get e.mails I used to get (when I had forwarding through GoDaddy) from eBay, Road & Track, Facebook and a couple of forums I use. They’re addressed to me, they should be forwarded to me but they are only recorded on the Routing Summary like this:

126 received; 116 forwarded; 0 dropped; 10 Other

What is other? Why are messages which should be coming to me not getting to me?

Please help.

“Other” is anything that is not “forwarded” or “dropped” (so “delivery failed”, “rejected”, “error” or “unknown”).

If you scroll down the page to the activity log, you can search for messages by result to see what is happening (although it only seems to cover the past 24 hours).

Otherwise, you can give the domain name to see if the DNS records are ok.

It says the DNS records are okay on my address…

And surely the DNS records for eBay e.mails, Facebook e.mails etc are okay. I did look at that log and none were there, if only I’d looked on Sunday I might have seen something.

What really bugs me is that there’s nowhere to get help with this. I’ve been asking on and off for months.

Until you attempted to start this topic by hijacking someone else’s completly unrelated topic yesterday, you hadn’t posted here since November.

There are plenty of places to obtain support, including this Community. Your miserly motivation for moving to Cloudflare doesn’t compensate for you lacking the minimum level of technical acumen required to use the platform. Cloudflare is a highly technical service intended for a similarly technical audience. Since Cloudflare is a self-service platform, those who lack that ability themselves need someone on their payroll who possess it.

You dismissed it out of hand when it was last suggested, however you were given the most suitable option nearly five months ago.

It seems you have the answers, then…

Why are some of my e.mails withheld from me?

I’ve gone through all the hoops of getting things set up, why does it not work properly?

Because it is email forwarding, which was an unreliable delivery mechanism many years before Cloudflare even released their Email Routing as a beta offering. The short of it is that if your email is important, Cloudflare Email Routing (or any forwarding based mechanism) is usually not the right tool for the job. You don’t have much insight into what is happening under the hood and, unless you have operational control over the destination mailserver, you have no recourse when it decides to reject messages. Of course, if you have control of the destination mailserver, routing your email there via MX is always a better option.

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But it worked fine with GoDaddy, and I used it there for twenty years…

I had to change because they were going in a direction I didn’t want to take. My son recommended Cloudflare, I could not imagine that it was a faulty system after GoDaddy had been so reliable.

It isn’t that Cloudflare is a faulty system or that GoDaddy has one that works. It is email forwarding that is broken. It worked for you for twenty years because twenty years ago SPF was in its infancy and DKIM and DMARC want even being developed yet. Twenty years is two decades of escalation in the arms race with spammers. A lot of things are going to change in that time.

Is your son technically inclined? Is he willing and able to help you with your objec? If so, it might be worth working with him.

He is the other side of the world from me and if I ask him things like this at a difficult time for him he gets retreats.

I expect to be visiting him in eight months or so and when I do I feel sure he’ll take care of it. But there are some concurrent issues with my e.mails nothing to do with forwarding as a result of my internet provider changing their systems.

To further answer your question, he’s an IT specialist, he’d do it on his ear I’m sure.