Not receive verification email


So i’ve gone through the community posts and it seems like this is nothing new, but I was unable to find anything more conclusive than reaching out to the support team.

That is what i have attempted to do, but unfortunately, i got an automated reply to post here, so that’s what i’m doing instead.

Like most of the posts, i am able to receive the community verification email, but not the “actual” verification email.

I am uncertain if it is due to bad timing from migrating my MX servers to gsuite whilst registering for a new account.

But anyway, here i am. I can receive emails from other websites/people perfectly fine, but just not my cloudflare verification email.

Is there anything else which i can attempt to do?

What’s your ticket number?


@TKlein it is [Cloudflare Support] #2163141 :slight_smile:

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