Not proxyng 8443

Hello, recently i decided to migrate from no-ip to cloudflare free, so i bought a domain and etc.

My “server” has HTTPS on port 8443 only, nothing on 80, nothing on 443, nothing on any other ports with exception of 22.

Here is a summary of my DNS records:
“backup”, its other server/ip, gray cloud
“main”, points to the original IP (i want direct SSH), gray cloud
“www”, orange cloud
“*”, CNAME to “www”, gray cloud.

Observation, after a couple of minutes the “www” keeps chaging back to gray.

It could be because you have a wildcard subdomain that points to it. You can’t proxy a wildcard subdomain unless you’re on an Enterprise plan.

Deleted it, same problem, added it back.

Take a look at the Audit Log at the top of the Cloudflare Dashboard. Maybe it will show you what action is setting it back to :grey:.

It shows on audit logs as if i was the one changing it back, without any extra information.

That’s all the insight I have into what’s going on with your settings. I suggest you contact Support:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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it was a script i was using to update the DNS IP address, now i am looking how to make ti change IP but not the proxy status though API


Add "proxied": false to your request and it will have the record be a grey cloud (DNS only).


i had to add proxied and proxiable true, solved, thanks


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