Not proxied Cname doesn't appear in dns zone


I have added cname, and didn’t check the proxied option to avoid them beeing managed (and rewrited) by clouflare.

But it seems that they doesn’t appear at all now.

I have tried many tools to check the dns zone, same result.

Any idea where it comes from ?

Is the CNAME set for the apex domain (@)? If so, note that CNAMEs at the apex are not permitted. Cloudflare will let you set one for convenience, but it will always return A/AAAA records when queried to comply with that requirement.

Otherwise, what is the domain and CNAME you have set?

Hi, thanks for answering,

domain is

The CNAME works ok…

dig +short cname

…but the target does not resolve.

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it should be

Then you need to edit CNAME target of as that’s still pointing to

dig +short cname doesn’t resolve either.

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Ok thanks, and do you know, why while using tools like

it can’t find the cname ?

Your link shows you are looking up which doesn’t (and can’t as it’s the apex domain) have a CNAME record. DNS can’t look up which subdomains exist below the domain. You need to enter into the tool to lookup the CNAME

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Ok, thanks, i get it

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