Not protected via https

Running into issues.

Hoster: 123-reg
Application: WordPress.
WordPress General Settings: Https enabled
DNS: Pointing to Cloudflare name servers
DNS LOOKUP: This Shows the domain is going through Cloudflare.
CPanel: Installed Origin Crt with the bundle.
WordPress Plugin: Official Cloudflare Plugin with API connected and set to best settings for the site.
Error: Connection not secure over HTTPS on both firefox and chrome.

What should I do from here?

Looks ok to me. Open your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) and look for Network and Console errors.

I’m pretty sure you’re not connecting through Clouflare. Did you check the Network tab? Your second picture showed an invalid cert. Open up Dev Tools → Network and click on one of the resources to see the response headers. You should see a Cloudflare IP address and some Cloudflare headers.

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Ok so I have gone over the settings in Cloudflare and I have an error Code: 1208
With my other site, it says my domain register here usually?

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